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Last Updated 12/03/2003

I think the name of the website still says it all, although we’ve had a slight title change. I was reminded that Shallow About Shanks was already being used (check out the link for lots of stunning screen caps from Stargate SG-1).

Check out our photo links for lots of Michael’s recent convention appearances, including his latest at the French City Con in Paris!

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive cartoon and photo calendars and a special all-Daniel calendar!

There’s a “skyscraper” being built for Michael Shanks at Top Dog City. You can add a “brick” to the building (actually, you can add up to three bricks for an email address) and you don’t have to pay anything or register to do so. Follow the link and then follow the instructions for adding a brick in the Celebrity area for the Michael Shanks building!

Top Dog City

Some of our photo files are stored on AOL due to heavy bandwidth usage (a lot of people want to be shallow about Shanks, it seems). This means, unfortunately, that sometimes the pictures might not come right up. If you persevere, though, you’ll be rewarded. Be forewarned that the sites linked below may be graphics intensive.

Grateful thanks to Dana Jeanne, who did all of the screen caps for Door to Door and Twilight Zone, Felar, who did All Around the Town, GateAngel, who did The Test, and to Janet, for the screen caps from Andromeda and Mary 25. I simply gave them a home. Anyone else who has a “Shameless” Shanks site and would like me to link to them, just let me know!

All Around the Town
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Andromeda: Star-Crossed
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Door to Door

Outer Limits: Mary 25

Suddenly Naked Trailer
(Quicktime viewer required)

Suddenly Naked

Suspicious River

The Test

Twilight Zone: Shades of Guilt
page 1 | page 2 | page 3 |

The Charlie Rose Show: James Spader

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